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We Are 614Lyfe


We are a different type of YouTube channel.  How so you ask.  Well we document our life from the day to day to the epic Vacations we go on.  We have amazing hiking videos from all over the country and soon to be the world.  We love to cook and because of this we just did a 50 thousand dollar kitchen remodel so we can bring you better cooking videos.  We also love fitness.  We started off as a fitness channel back in 2012 and have evolved to what we are today.  But with that being said we still strive to answer any fitness based questions you have as we are all Pro athletes and personal trainers.  If you have a question we will have the answer.  We are also in contact with many celebrities so we will have access to some amazing footage from back stage at the Arnold Classic/ Mr. Olympia to ring side at many WWE matches. Be sure to check out our epic Vlogs.

All question please email us
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