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Our GPS almost killed us

After a long day on the ocean kayaking with killer whales we had to catch a ferry back to the mainland. We got back to the rental car around 7:58pm. At this time the sun was going to set in just 2 short hours. Side note the drive to the room was going to take over 4 hours. At about hour 3 it was pitch black no street lights as we were in the middle of nowhere on the side of Mt.Rainier. Well what happened next was just horrifying. The GPS told us to take the next left turn. So like good little lemmings we did. That's where it started to go very very bad. We left the paved road only to have our 4 Runner bottom out in a rut on a 1 lane make shift dirt road. On one side a 900 foot drop off with no guard rails and on the other a cliff face. This road just kept going on and on. With each mile we drove it got more and more scary. At some points we had only inches from our tire to sudden death. After 35 minutes of sheer terror the time was 12:15am we emerged onto a paved well lit road. Yes the GPS took us on a short cut right on the side of the mountain. Turns out it was set to shortest not fastest and well yes on paper it was a shorter route but nearly killed us.

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